Parent Testimonials

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Parent Testimonials were submitted by past clients. I would be happy to send more references by request.

      We were very happy to find Miss Ann’s Home Childcare in Mountain View. Ann was quite understanding and flexible in her daily schedule, willing to take our infant son for 6 months part-time while we waited for an opening in a Mandarin-language daycare center. We love Ann. She offers a cozy, safe environment in her home, with plenty of outside activity in Jackson Park just a block away. Our son was happy there. Ann is also good about keeping records and informing you of any minor issue that came up during the day. Her web site has the most complete information of any home daycare provider I have seen, including an upcoming schedule of openings. We recommend her highly. If she could speak Mandarin, our child would still be there.

-Alex M – (Client from November 2009 to March 2010)

      Home Away From Home – My son attended Ms. Ann’s daycare from age 1 to 2. I’m one of those paranoid Mothers who pops up suddenly to see what’s going on during the day. I was always relieved to find my son included in a group activity. Whether they were eating salad (I am still amazed!), outside in her toddler safe and friendly backyard, or playing with blocks on the linoleum while she did dishes. I wish I had a duplicate of her backyard. The oranges low enough for my proud little man to pick right off the tree. The water and sand tables, play house, cars, grass, bushes and pavement. A complete wonderland. Every day at pickup Ann would tell me exactly what happened during that day. What he ate, how he played, any tantrums, anything special. I usually left with a signed and dated art project and was given photographs of my precious boy in action. As a single mother being so included was so very important to me. Ms. Ann truly cared for my son. When he fell and broke his teeth (while in MY care) she was a phone call away with pediatric dentists numbers. And the 11 o clock phone call on about his high fever. She was the woman I chose to mother my son while I went to school. And her daycare was my son’s home away from home. Unfortunately I moved away from this ideal child care, but I thought I should share my experiences with this truly wonderful teacher.

-Heather M – (Client from March 2009 to December 2009)

      My daughter was in Miss Ann’s care from the age of 3 months to 3 years and we were extremely happy with her. Miss Ann’s house might not be large, but it is clean and full of love. Ann treats all of the children there as if they are her own. You will not find this kind of consistency of care in a large day care center where providers change frequently. Ann often buys new toys for the kids, she has a great outdoor space and Jackson Park is barely a block away.

-Leslie M – (Client from March 2005 to December 2007)

      Home environment, mixed-age, smart kids As a firstborn myself, I wanted a mixed-age environment for my firstborn son. Miss Ann had a happy little group of children ages 1 to 3 in her daycare, just what I wanted. My son spent his days watching and learning from the older ones. When his brother came along, the two of them could spend their days together. Ann is very supportive of breast-feeding mothers. I was bringing in packets and bottles of pumped milk for two years (each). She made sure the babies were on schedule to nurse when I picked them up. There are lots of stimulating toys, switched out regularly, in Miss Ann’s house. She has a dailiy cleaning regimen for toys, that’s good enough for my germ-phobic neighbor. I think the room size is very good for the kids – it keeps them together as a group so none of the toddlers feels isolated. When I first toured Miss Ann’s daycare, I remember being impressed by how well-spoken the three-year-olds were. After my own three years there, with each son, and watching my neighbor’s child, I am impressed again and again. The mixed-age, high-cohesion environment does great things for children.

-Kristina P – (Client from January 2000 to September 2005)

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