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      I make every attempt to try to provide a multi-aged child care service as it allows for a unique opportunity to foster and develop language skills, social and emotional skills, cognitive (thinking) skills and fine and gross motor skills. Children learn through play and imitation. But most of all children learn through correct avenues of dealing with other children of varying age. I believe child care is the shaping of a young life. It is not only the teaching of the “ABC’s” and “1, 2, and 3’s”. It is teaching etiquette. It is learning about respect and caring for each other. It is educating in a nurturing and loving environment to produce a happy, healthy and successful individual in the long term. I offer a variety of daily indoor and outdoor activities and field trips to local parks and places of interest to entertain and encourage personal growth in safe age appropriate environment.

      However, as parent you always have ultimate continuing responsibility over your child when your child is in my care. I do not take over your role as parent, nor do I leave you out of your child’s life in the child care setting. I want you, as parent, to play as active a role in your child’s day, as you wish. I refer to you as the expert on your child. We discuss your child’s future curriculum which is based on play and what you wish to see accomplished by your child while he/she is in my care. From time to time we review and correct the curriculum so that your child is in a constant learning curve. However, your child also has some say over his/her own learning environment with “teachable moments”. As your child’s educator with your assistance I will provide a positive, stable environment for your child to learn and grow independently as well as in a group setting.

*For privacy and protection purposes no images of clients are shown on this website. All displayed images of children were acquired from external and reputable image vendors.